Magnetic Disc Separator

Magnetic Disc Separator

The Magnetic Disc Separator is a device that sorts objects based on magnetic properties. It is the primary method of sorting from zone to zone in industry zones. The separator has been around for decades and uses many magnets to attract each different type of object to separate locations.

Objects are fed into the top zone by chutes, where they pass through a set of 3 disc-like sets of magnets which sort them by type. Each rotor takes about a minute to spin one time, but there can be several rotors spinning at once with an automated system activated by sensors in adjacent machines or components that feed into it.

The Separator is split into two general sections: the sorting section and the feed mechanism. The sorting section consists of a set of rotors, each with two magnets and a sensor. Objects that pass through the Separator’s opening feed onto one of these rotors, which slowly spins to pull objects off into their respective chutes (sorted by type). There is also an opening in the Separator for waste or other unwanted objects to fall out.

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