Magnetic Grate Separator

Magnetic Grate Separator

Magnetic grate separator, also known as grate magnet or hopper magnet, is a device used commonly found in industrial and commercial settings to separate ferrous material from non-ferrous materials. Separators come in two basic sizes: large stationary units for automated sifting of dry products and small hand-held units for manual sorting of wet or oily product. Large industrial magnetic separators can be adjusted by workers without special skills on the job site.

The industrial design of a magnetic grate separator usually consists of several concentric rings surrounding an opening through which a large amount of flow passes. These groups are either permanent magnets, mounted on some kind of substrate, such as metal or plastic fabric, or electromagnetic coils arranged under or around a fixed ring.

These separators are usually used to separate ferrous metal materials; for example, screws or nails from other waste. Separator can be used to remove non-ferrous materials such as aluminum or copper, but because of their different magnetic properties, it is more difficult. Non-ferrous metal items may also stick to the magnet, making it more difficult to clean up the waste stream in the future; using separate enclosures for each type of material can reduce this problem.

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