Magnetic Ring Separator

Magnetic Ring Separator

A ring Separator is an advanced piece of machinery that has the ability to separate magnetic material with one quick pass. This Separator can grade, classify, remove tramp metal and handle many other functions without stopping your operation. The Separator can be used in almost any industry where magnetic materials are produced or recycled.

The Separator works by passing the product across a spinning ring magnet. As the product passes over this magnet, small pieces of metal become stuck to its sidewalls because they are attracted to magnets. These items are then flung off into a chute leading them away from your main product stream. Product that can’t be removed by the Separator enters one of two outlet streams. Either they are extremely small pieces that pass through with your main product, or they are items too large to be removed and enter the scrap stream.

Applications for ring Separator

There are many different applications for this Separator in the recycling industry, including:

  • Separating slag from metal
  • Separating any magnetic materials from steel before further processing can take place
  • Separate high-grade steel from tramp metal before melting occurs
  • Separate stainless steels or other alloys containing nonmagnetic elements from stainless steels containing iron or nickel
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