Magnetic Window Cleaner

Magnetic Window Cleaner

Window cleaning is quite a large item for the households in high-rise residential buildings and falling injuries during window cleaning are occasionally happens. Magnetic window cleaners emerged under such circumstances. Magnetic window cleaners is a plastic tool with two magnetic parts stick together on double sides of window. When attached to magnetized surface such as steel plates, flat iron bars and others, one magnet part would be turned toward the other magnet part and cannot pull apart through accidental external force. As magnet window cleaner helps avoiding unexpected circumstances like dropping off tall buildings in case of human error, it made possible to use body weight for scraping dirt in addition to water and sponge and can avoid using numerous tools while working at narrow spaces because magnetically held parts can get close to each other even at narrow spaces. They are inexpensive and easy to find in tool shops. However, magnet window cleaner seems problematic under the assumption of safety because magnet parts stick together through human body.

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