Precast Concrete Magnet

Precast Concrete Magnet

As an indispensable accessory of precast concrete system, precast concrete magnets are utilized to fix different embedded parts during pouring process of concrete. Precast concrete magnet can be further classified into shuttering magnet, insert magnet and magnetic chamfer according to their specific usage scenario.

The most common usage scenario is that it can be used as a fixing tool for foundation rebar or columns when constructing beams and columns in conventional construction. In precast industry, when constructing formworks with shuttering board, steel bar cannot be welded on shuttering board directly because it will make the boards expand in concave shape after drying, which will lead to deviation between formwork and actual shape of concrete wall. Therefore, shuttering magnet can be used as a fixing tool for steel bar or rebar to fix them on the surface of shuttering board.

The magnetic field produced by precast concrete magnets is very strong, so that two pieces of precast concrete magnets pasted at both ends of the steel bars can firmly fix them within formworks. It has no harm to people or surrounding buildings during pouring process of concrete since it will not generate any spark or flame. Precast concrete magnets can be made with different shapes according to actual working circumstances. For instance, it is usually used as a strip shape when being applied in field of construction engineering. A multitude of holes can be drilled on the surface of precast concrete magnet for this purpose.
After use, the magnets should be removed or discarded because there is enormous amount of magnetic force inside precast concrete magnets which may damage surrounding equipment during operation if they are not taken out before pouring process of concrete.

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