Electric permanent magnet chuck

Electric permanent magnet chuck

The electric permanent magnet suction cup refers to the suction cup that relies on the permanent magnet magnetic steel to generate the suction force, and uses the excitation coil to control the suction force of the magnetic steel to play the role of the suction switch. Advantages: high precision, no thermal deformation, energy saving. Classification: There are mainly three types of ordinary rectangular electric permanent magnet chuck, strong rectangular electric permanent magnetic chuck, and circular electric permanent magnetic chuck.


There are three types of electric permanent magnet chucks: rectangular electric permanent magnet chuck, strong rectangular electric permanent magnet chuck, and circular electric permanent magnet chuck.

The rectangular electric permanent magnet chuck is mainly used in the linear moving guide rail mechanism, which can realize the precise display and automatic control of the movement amount, and is widely used in machine tool processing and precision measurement of instruments. It can be used for digital transformation of various types of machine tools and instruments of different specifications, and can also be specially produced according to the special needs of users.

Powerful electronically controlled permanent magnet chucks can also be used in milling machines, drilling machines, planers, boring machines and other machine tools to hold workpieces. In addition, it has also been applied to the traveling fixtures of machining centers and FMS systems.

The electronically controlled permanent magnet chuck in the circular electric permanent magnet chuck is a new type of magnetic chuck that uses electric pulses to “turn on and off” the magnetic force. The suction cup is very safe and reliable in the process of holding the workpiece for processing. After the workpiece is held magnetically, the chuck maintains the magnetic force indefinitely. The time required for “opening and closing” is less than 1 second, the electric pulse consumes very little energy, and the suction cup will not be thermally deformed. Robust and precise. Use electric pulses to “turn on and off” the magnetic force, which can be easily controlled automatically. The electronically controlled permanent magnet chuck can be widely used in various surface grinders and electric machining machine tools to hold workpieces.
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Main feature

1. Strong magnetic force and high machining accuracy. The maximum suction force of the table is 13-18kg/cm; which is about 2 times that of the ordinary magnetic chuck, ensuring that the workpiece is firmly clamped and will not be scratched and pulled. The machining accuracy is guaranteed.

2. Safe, strong, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The electric permanent magnet chuck does not require electric power during the working process, and only relies on the permanent magnet suction to hold the workpiece, which avoids the danger of the workpiece falling off due to the loss of the magnetic force caused by the sudden power failure and off-line damage of the electromagnetic system. Since the electric permanent magnet chuck only uses electricity within 1-2 seconds during the magnetization and demagnetization process, it does not use any energy during work to generate safe, strong and efficient power, which is economical and environmentally friendly.

List pros and cons

Compared with the method of clamping workpiece by machine, the application of electric permanent magnet chuck has the following advantages:

(1) The clamping action is fast and cumbersome, and only one action is required when clamping the workpiece (the machine clamping method needs to be firmer), so it can shorten the working hours.

(2) Many workpieces can be clamped at the same time, and small workpieces can be clamped.

(3) High machining accuracy and good brightness. The working principle of the electronically controlled permanent magnet chuck is that when the workpiece is deformed due to heat during processing, it can be stretched freely without bending, and the clamping surface will not be damaged by any machine.

Application field

1. For CNC machine tools and machining centers: checkered and bar-shaped electric permanent magnet chucks.

2. For processing guide rails: super-powerful electric permanent magnet chuck.

3. For lathe disc-shaped parts: electric permanent magnet chuck for vehicles.

4. Handling of large steel plates and feeding of cutting machines: electric permanent magnet jacks for heavy, medium and light hoisting.

5. Grab machinery for automobile and ship industry and automatic lines of various production lines: small and miniature electric permanent magnet jacks.

6. Clamping machine

The main purpose

1. Metal cutting, quick mold change (injection molding machine, ceramic dry press), magnetic lifting.

2. Metal cutting processing includes turning, milling, grinding, planing, drilling, etc. It is suitable for both ordinary machine tool applications and machining center applications without changing the original structure of the machine tool. Due to the large market holdings of these devices, they have broad market prospects.

3. Quick mold change, including injection molding machine, ceramic dry press, etc., saves a lot of adjustment work, and the mold change speed is extremely fast. The profit margin of injection molding machines equipped with electric permanent magnet chucks has increased sharply, and is favored by users.

4. Lifting and handling:

For the lifting and transportation of a single steel plate, especially in the fields of automobile axles, automobile chassis, and container ship manufacturing, the steel plate is required to be hoisted and laid flat, and the single steel plate is required to be lifted without sticking. The characteristics of the electric permanent magnet lifting system are exactly suitable for the above working conditions.

5. Welding clamp:

All kinds of pipes and steel plate splices need clamps to fasten and position them before welding. Electric permanent magnet fixtures are superior to other types of fixtures in terms of their powerful suction, reliable and easy operation and ease of use.


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