Magnetic Perfume Bottle Caps

Chanel was the first one to use the magnetic perfume bottle caps in their Les Exclusifs Collection de parfums, and then for their men’s Bleu de Chanel perfume. When you put the cap on the bottle, you don’t need to tighten it, the cap will automatically attract the bottle body. This design allows the bottle cap to be precisely aligned with the bottle body, adding a sense of luxury and elegance, making the bottle like a work of art.

This design is composed of two neodymium magnets. Taking into account the ergonomic design, the magnet not only needs to provide enough pulling force to prevent the magnet perfume bottle cap from falling off, but also needs to consider that excessive pulling force may make the bottle cap difficult to open. For precise positioning, the magnets are usually multi-pole magnetized neodymium ring magnets. They are usually magnetized to 4 poles, in some cases, magnets are magnetized to 8 poles or 16 poles.

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