what is electric permanent magnet chuck


The electric permanent magnet suction cup refers to the suction cup that relies on the permanent magnet magnetic steel to generate the suction force, and uses the excitation coil to control the suction force of the magnetic steel to play the role of the suction switch.

Advantages: high precision, no thermal deformation, energy saving. Classification: There are mainly three types of ordinary rectangular electric permanent magnet chuck, strong rectangular ele

ctric permanent magnetic chuck, and circular electric permanent magnetic chuck.

Main feature

1. Strong magnetic force and high machining accuracy. The maximum suction force of the table is 13-18kg/cm; which is about 2 times that of the ordinary magnetic chuck, ensuring that the workpiece is firmly clamped and will not be scratched and pulled. The machining accuracy is guaranteed.

2. Safe, strong, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The electric permanent magnet chuck does not require electric power during the working process, and only relies on the permanent magnet suction to hold the workpiece, which avoids the danger of the workpiece falling off due to the loss of the magnetic force caused by the sudden power failure and off-line damage of the electromagnetic system. Since the electric permanent magnet chuck only uses electricity within 1-2 seconds during the magnetization and demagnetization process, it does not use any energy during work to generate safe, strong and efficient power, which is economical and environmentally friendly.

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