Office Magnet

Office Magnet

Office magnet is a type of magnetic products which is widely used in both at home and office. Office magnets are well adapted for planning and organization in workshops or offices.

Office magnets help you organize your day. There are many different types of office magnets available from HS Magnet, so you can easily find one that suits your needs perfectly; no matter what kind of office magnet you choose it has multiple functions around your working places.

You can use office magnets to attach your documents, photos or recipes to the fridge; Office magnets are perfect for keeping to-do lists, can be used as a notice board and help to mark your territory.

Office Magnet is always made of plastic shell but it’s very durable and suitable for heavy duty. It works best on metal surfaces, however there are some precautions you should take before purchasing office magnets:

1. Make sure that the surface you’re going into contact with is magnetic

2. It’s better if this surface is not painted or glazed

3. If your walls are covered by wallpaper then test the surface – if the paper isn’t too thick then place your magnet against it and see what happens (if it attaches immediately – great! But… if not try something else). Office magnets are super handy so you should definitely have some at home and in office.

Magnetic push pin is one of the most popular office magnets, which is made of 1 piece strong Neodymium disc magnet and 1 plastic shell. The magnet is mounted in a plastic shell with an ergonomically designed plastic handle for ease of use. They are small, easy to grip yet very powerful. For example, a strong magnetic pin can hold 35 pieces of A4 paper to a magnetic surface. Color and size of magnetic pin can be made by customer’s requirement.

Office magnet holders are great for keeping your keys in order; Office magnet clips will help you to keep papers organized; Office magnets are perfect for not only planning but also organizing, which are the best helpers around your house and office.

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