Magnets for DC motors (motor magnet)

The use of magnetic materials in electric motors (motor magnet) is very extensive. we have lots of customers who use the magnets on the BLDC (brushless DC) Motors. The brushless DC motors are used in a wide range of applications, such as electric cars, industrial robots, washing machines, air conditioners, fans, pumps, etc.

Magnets on the BLDC motor Rotor

Brushless DC motors usually consist of a motor housing, a stator with the coils, and a magnetic rotor assembly.

BLDC Motor Assembly

the motor Magnet are usually fixed to the rotor, and for a typical BLDC motor, multiple magnets need to be fixed to the rotor, usually, tile or bread-shaped samarium cobalt magnets or neodymium iron boron magnets. In the rotor pictured below, you can see that there are 4 bread-shaped magnets being fixed to the rotor or tile shape magnets fixed to the rotor.

magnetic rotor

Coils on the stator

The stator is wrapped around the periphery of the rotor and a large number of coils are wound on the stator. An electromagnetic field is generated by energizing the coils, and by interacting with the magnetic field of the permanent magnet on the rotor, the rotor is made to turn quickly.

Micromotors – special small BLDC

Micro brushless DC motors are another type of motor that we have come across, which are smaller and used in more delicate equipment. These motors have smaller stator designs, usually using sintered alnico, cylindrical magnets with steps, often radially magnetized, again by the electromagnetic field generated by the coils on the peripheral stator interacting with the magnetic field of the magnets to make the motor work.

Magnet on PMSM

Permanent magnet synchronous motors are widely used in electric vehicles, and Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers basically use this type of motor. The structure of PM synchronous motors is very similar to DC motors, and because of the need for more power, more rare earth permanent magnets are used, and some also use Alnico magnets in the inner layer for better control of the motor output. Silicon steel sheet is also used as a soft magnetic material.