Magnetic Chuck

Magnetic chucks are used in conjunction with a chuck key to holding the workpiece securely. This can be done with a hand-held magnetic chuck which uses a handheld magnet to attract and hold the workpiece, or by using an electromagnetic chuck which uses an electromagnet to attract and hold the workpiece. A magnetic chuck is also called a quick-release magnet, as it can quickly remove or attach pieces of metal.

Alnico Magnets are widely used in the magnetic chuck to control holding and releasing the workpiece.

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Magnetic Sensors

Magnet is an important component used in some position sensors and some special sensors. They are widely used in the sensors in the automobile industry. the magnetic materials would be neodymium magnet, alnico magnet, or SmCo magnet for the different working environments.

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Rotary Position Sensors

Motor Magnet

Motor magnets are used in electric motors to provide a magnetic field that rotates with the shaft. The motor winds build up a magnetic field on the inside of the motor’s magnetic path, thus creating a rotating field on the outside of the conductor.

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