Introduction of Magnetic Chess

Magnetic chess is not a specific game but a term for chess that uses magnets. These sets can be used to play two main types of games:

1. Magnetic Pinball (Takeout): This is a simpler game sometimes aimed at younger children. Players take turns placing magnetic balls on the board. If a player’s magnetic ball lands on the board and sticks to another magnetic ball (or multiple magnetic balls), they must pick up all connected magnetic balls and keep them. The first player to eliminate all magnetic balls wins!

Magnets used: Generally 12mm ferrite magnetic ball magnets. Since the magnetic spheres will attract each other and collide, ferrite magnets are harder and not easily broken. Ferrite is cheaper and has sufficient magnetic force but compared to neodymium. Iron-boron magnets are weak and will not cause accidents due to strong magnetic force when attracting each other.
Chessboard: Usually a rectangular shape of plastic or wood with grooves. Ferrite magnetic balls are put into each groove. When the distance between the magnetic balls is too small, attraction and adhesion will occur.

2. Classic chess with magnetic pieces: This is regular chess, but the pieces have magnets on the bottom so they stick to the board. This makes them great for traveling or playing on surfaces that aren’t completely flat. The rules are exactly the same as traditional chess.
Magnets used: Neodymium magnets are generally used, which ensures a good fixation between the pieces and the metal chessboard, even for pieces that may be slightly heavier like rooks and queens.

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