What is a pot magnet?

A pot magnet is a permanent magnet encased in a steel shell, essentially creating a container or “pot” for the magnet. This shell amplifies the magnet’s pulling force and protects the magnet from chipping or cracking.

Here are some key points about pot magnets:

  • Stronger magnetic force: The steel shell concentrates the magnet’s magnetic field on one side, creating a stronger pull than a bare magnet.
  • Protection: The shell safeguards the magnet from physical damage during use.
  • Versatility: Pot magnets come in various shapes and sizes, with features like hooks, eyebolts, or threaded holes for easy attachment and use in different applications.

Common uses for pot magnets include:

  • Holding and mounting objects: They are great for hanging signs, tools, or other ferrous metal objects on walls, ceilings, or magnetic toolboxes.
  • Retrieving objects: Pot magnets are helpful for fishing ferrous objects out of water or tight spaces.
  • Door catches and latches: Small pot magnets can be used to create simple yet effective closures for cabinets, doors, or gates.
  • Separation and sorting: Pot magnets can be used to separate ferrous materials from non-ferrous materials in recycling applications.types of pot magne

types of pot magnet

NdFeB pot magnet series

Countersunk Hole Pot Magnets:These magnets have a countersunk hole on the top surface, which allows them to be flush-mounted on a surface. They are commonly used for hanging signs and other objects on walls or ceilings.

Threaded Hole Pot Magnets:As the name suggests, these magnets have a threaded hole on the inside of the pot. This allows them to be screwed onto a threaded rod, bolt, or other fastener. Threaded hole pot magnets are versatile and can be used for various applications, such as mounting lights, fixtures, or tools.

Eyebolt Pot Magnets:These magnets have an eyebolt on the top surface, which allows them to be attached to a rope, cable, or chain. Eyebolt pot magnets are well-suited for retrieving objects from water or other hard-to-reach places.

Bi-Pole Pot Magnets:These magnets have a north and south pole on opposite faces of the magnet, creating a pulling force on both sides. Bi-pole pot magnets are ideal for applications where you need a strong magnetic force on both sides, such as holding doors open or securing signs.

Hook Pot Magnets:These magnets have a hook on the top surface, which allows them to be hung from a ceiling, wall, or other overhead structure. Hook pot magnets are often used for hanging lights, tools, or other objects.

Alnico pot magnet series

Shallow pot magnets:These magnets have a low profile design, making them ideal for applications with limited space.

Deep pot magnets:These magnets have a deeper pot than shallow pot magnets, resulting in a stronger holding force.

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