What is the main functions of educational magnet?

Whether it is a horseshoe-shaped educational magnet, a compass, iron powder, or a magnetic fluid magnetic calendar, these popular iconic teaching magnets have been widely used in classrooms and science laboratories to teach children physics for decades, and experience the charm of education and science.

Educational magnets can help teachers, parents and students to explore the mysterious forces of magnetism.

Normally educational magnets are made up of Alnico magnet and Ferrite magnet, which can be made into horseshoe shape, bar shape, etc. They generally have lower adhesion because they are only used to display the south and north poles. Some horseshoe magnets are small enough to fit in a pocket, but can still lift impressive weights.

U-shape & bar shape educational magnet
U-shape & bar shape educational magnet

A horseshoe magnet is a U-shaped metal object that produces a magnetic field. This magnetic field in invisible, but is responsible for a magnet’s notable pull on other metal objects. It is one type of permanent magnet, meaning that it stays magnetized, as opposed to an electromagnet, whose magnetic field can be started and stopped.

Originally, the horseshoe magnet was made as an alternative to the significantly weaker bar magnet. Its lifting strength is doubled, compared to that of a bar magnet, because both of its magnetic poles point in the same direction. For industrial applications, they have largely been replaced by even stronger magnets, but are still effective for uses such as classroom demonstrations and picking up small metal objects.

Ferrite horseshoe magnets are widely used in teaching and playing. also known as ceramic educational magnets, are offered in a wide range of sizes, dimensions, shapes and colors. We usually paint Ferrite horseshoe educational magnets in the color, red-green or red-blue, or we combine them with other materials such as metal and plastic. Meantime, these products comply with international safety standards, and are very safe for children’s health as well. Now we can also provide N/S stickers, which are more environmentally nice.

Alnico horseshoe magnets provide a compact, high-power magnetic source, and are used for traction, lifting, sorting, clamping, and retrieval. They are supplied with ground pole faces, painted and with metal keepers for storage and to help retain magnetic strength. The maximum operating temperature is approximately 930°F (500°C). Alnico horseshoe magnets, also known as minor, pocket or power horseshoe magnets, are available in a number of finishes, dimensions & grades. Alnico horseshoe magnets for use in manufacturing. Choose from several different sizes of horseshoe magnets.

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