How do Magnetic Brakes & Clutches operate?

Magnetic brakes and clutches use permanent magnets to generate resistive torque and require no electricity to operate, resistive torque is constant and independent of slip speed. By driving the body of our magnetic brakes and using the shaft as the output, these permanent magnet hysteresis brakes can be used as adjustable inline torque limiting magnets and can select a magnetic brake or magnetic clutch based on torque requirement.

The magnetic brake will drive without slipping until the torque set point is exceeded at which point the brake will slip smoothly. When torque is decreased below the torque setpoint, the brake will continue driving smoothly without any damage to the brake or any other torque-sensitive components.

Like the Hysteresis Brake, the Hysteresis Clutch develops torque strictly through a magnetic air gap, ensuring an absolutely smooth transmission of torque from the drive unit to the driven element. Designed to be powered without the use of brushes or slip rings, and being a pure hysteresis device, there is never any fear of contamination due to wear particles or leaky seals.


No electricity

No break-away torque

Constant torque independent of shaft (rotor) speed

No contacting or wearing parts

No friction elements — same smooth torque year after year

No magnetic particles to leak or contaminate the end product

Operable in some of the most difficult environments

Brake (with shaft) and clutch (with hollow shaft) available

Custom designs available


In a large number of applications, accurately adjustable torque levels and tension are essential preconditions for the precise processing of high-quality products.

In this context, accurate reproducibility as well as consistency of the torque level set are also a precondition, especially for procedures not subject to feedback control.

These requirements are best satisfied through the use of electromagnetic, zero-contact hysteresis clutches/brakes in conjunction with feedback control electronics designed for this purpose.

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