Magnetic Door Catch

What is magnetic door catch?

A magnetic door catch, also known as a magnetic door stop, magnetic door latch, or door magnet, is a type of door latch that uses magnets to keep a door closed. It consists of two main components: a magnet embedded in the door frame and a metal plate attached to the door itself. When the door is closed, the magnet and metal plate come into contact, creating a magnetic force that keeps the door securely shut.

What are the common types of magnetic door catches?

Surface-mounted magnetic door catches: These catches are mounted on the surface of the door and frame. They are the most common type of magnetic door catch.

magnetic door catches

Recessed magnetic door catches: These catches are recessed into the door and frame. They are a more discreet option than surface-mounted catches.

magnetic door catches

Push-button magnetic door catches: These catches have a button that must be pressed to open the door. They are a good choice for applications where security is a concern.

magnetic door catches

What magnets are used in magnetic door catch?

Magnetic door stops typically utilize neodymium magnets. These magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnet commercially available, making them ideal for holding doors securely shut.

Here’s why neodymium magnets are preferred for magnetic door stops:

  • High strength: Neodymium magnets pack a powerful punch in a small size. This allows for a compact door stop design while still generating enough force to hold the door.
  • Rare earth composition: Made from a combination of neodymium, iron, and boron, these magnets offer superior strength compared to other types like ferrites.
  • Cost-effective: While neodymium can be slightly more expensive than other magnet materials, their small size needed for door stops makes them a cost-efficient choice.

Other magnet types might be used in specific situations:

  • Ceramic magnets (ferrites): These are less powerful than neodymium but can be a cheaper alternative for lighter doors. However, they would need to be larger to achieve the same holding force.

What are the applications of magnetic door catch?

  • Homes: Magnetic catches are perfect for interior doors throughout the house, especially in:

    • Cabinets and drawers: They keep them securely closed, preventing slamming and unwanted rattling.
    • Linen closets and pantry doors: They ensure a snug fit without the need for a knob or handle that might protrude into the limited space.
    • Room doors: They provide a gentle latch, ideal for bedrooms, children’s rooms, or nursery doors where noise is a concern.
  • Light commercial spaces: Magnetic catches find uses in offices, retail stores, and restaurants:

    • Display cabinets: They keep products secure while allowing easy access for staff.
    • Restroom stalls: They offer a quiet and low-profile latching solution.
    • Office partitions: They provide a temporary and easy-to-open division between workspaces.
  • Additional applications: Magnetic catches offer unique benefits in specific situations:

    • RV and boat cabins: Their quiet operation is ideal for these noise-sensitive environments, and they can withstand vibrations.
    • Pet doors: Magnetic catches can be used to create a self-closing pet door that swings shut after your furry friend passes through.
    • Furniture with doors: They can be used on cabinets, bookcases, or entertainment centers to keep doors securely closed.

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