Magnetic Drum Separator

Magnetic Drum Separator

A magnetic drum separator is a machine used to separate metal particles from granules, slurry or powder in a factory environment. The separator works by using a drum with magnets attached to the inside of the wall. Any items containing metal are fed into the separator and come into contact with these strong magnetic fields, causing them to be pulled towards the magnet and then onto conveyor belts for collection.

The separator takes any substance that contains ferrous metals such as scrap steel, iron, manganese and alloys; any items found will fall out of the effluent flow and onto conveyor belts for collection. Due to this process not requiring shredding or crushing like many other methods, it can achieve up to 90%+ separations.

Common uses for magnetic drum separators include magnetite recovery in heavy media mining circuits, tramp metal extraction, and product purification.

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